Founded in Emeryville, CA in 2009, ORE OBJECT is what happens when design, engineering, and technology meld to deliver exceptionally functional results that go beyond what’s already available on the market to deliver elegant, quality products.  Inspired by the beauty of minimalist elements, ORE OBJECT’s founder and design team emphasize architectural form as a central philosophy in their effort to push both design and implementation boundaries and deliver products that are not only bold and striking aesthetically, but also ergonomically and technologically functional.

Fabulous, iconic style, where form meets function to result in timeless – yet modern – elegance.  This is the goal of many, but accomplished by few.  Those who succeed are rewarded with a lasting impression in our minds.  ORE OBJECT's mission is to create lifestyle products with an immediate iconic image, conveying the attributes of superior form, exquisite functionality, and lasting elegance.

We invite you to take a look – and be inspired.